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Established in the year 1990, We are the manufacturers of Tungsten Carbide Tipped Circular saw blades in the brand name of Kwality Cut.
CARBIDE TIPPED CIRCULAR SAW BLADES for Sawing Wood, Plywood, Laminates, Gypsum Board, Plastic, PVC, HDPE Pipe, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Lead, Iron & Steel, and Other Materials.

Kwality Cut Brand Carbide Saw Blades are made from Imported Hardened & tempered Steel. The Saw Bodies are specially LASER CUT for better results and avoid cracks. High-Quality imported Tungsten carbide tips are brazed on the saw bodies for optimum cutting & longer life of the TCT Saw Blades the saw tips are ground on high precision Germany make CNC Five-Axis Vollmer Machine to accurate tooth geometry, Each blade is balanced, tensioned & straightened for optimum performance.
We are manufacturing upto 1500 diameter

CNC TCT Saw Face Grinding Machine

CNC TCT Saw Grinding Machine

CNC TCT Saw Side Grinding Machine

CNC Tips Brazing Machine

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